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If you book 4 hours or less prior to your appointment, please wait for a phone confirmation from your practitioner.  This allows us to honor your time and their the same time.


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Serving Avon, Westlake, Rocky River, North Olmsted, Lakewood, Cleveland, Ohio

Earth Medicine...

Let nature and its rhythm be the tools to help the body heal

5 week Earth Medicine Healing Program...500 dollars

11 week Earth Medicine Healing & Coaching Program...1,045 dollars

(payment options detailed when you book online)


Single one hour Earth Medicine Healing Session...75 dollars


if you choose the 5 or 11 week program:


Each program session is approximately 90 minutes.  Plan time for yourself after each session for reflection and to allow your healing process to really take hold.  These programs are not one-stop fix-it programs.  We are simply providing the tools needed for you to heal.  It is up to you to take responsibility for your healing.  You must commit to 1 session a week for the duration of the program.

(if a session is skipped, then you forfeit that session)

Due to the limited matrix that we currently live in, we are required to ask you to check with your physician before starting any program that concerns your physical health and to tell you that we are not doctors and do NOT diagnose physical disorders.

We are merely the "jumper cables" to help you jump start your life in a direction that better serves you.  You are the Power behind it All.

Shamanic Inspired practices from various cultures, prepare the body by breaking tension patterns, moving and freeing blocked energy. This begins the true process of accepting your body's ability to heal itself and allowing it to do so.  When the body is fully open and ready to receive, it will be time for massage.  Customized practices will be given to you to do at home.  This is not about fixing you.  It's about empowering you to take your body and your life back.